This it time for Laqanyo to save his skin…

This it time for Laqanyo to save his skin…

    Guilty Farah Laqanyo:  Guilty over atrocities in Kabhanley

Given the importance of peace and stability in any effort to create a more peaceful society, it may seem strange, so-called peace agreement is nothing other than abhorrent and

Utter “embryonic”. This brutal attack and targeting for innocent people is totally unjustifiable.  This is a new tactical way, of sweeping under the carpet or perhaps a total denial to these atrocities in Kabhanley in 24th December 2013 there is mounting evidence available.  But Kabhanleey and Defow massacre of December last year, when approximately 48 people were killed inside their homes, and women’s and children were trapped into the river, 12 generators were burnt as well as Mosque this, has broken all known records.


The reason for the extraordinary rush so- called peace treaty lies in the fact that the prime intention of this crime, crime against humanity was emphatic and never to find out the truth of what happened inside Kabhanley.  Instead, there was a profoundly cynical purpose which can only be grasped with a proper understanding of how the atrocities had occurred in the first place.  


No one of this is to deny that the deaths of Kabhanley were a beyond belief.  They were.  Therefore, it is right even if takes time, that the perpetrators should be held accountable.  But in all these cases, the murderous were never punished.  Moreover, none of the Laqanyo’s soldiers who commit this crime and who organized these killings was brought to justice.  As a result, the innocent victims have been forced to come back in kabhanley  

Let’s not forget that those innocent civilians have nothing more than clothes they stood, all their property have been burnt/ looted and some families have fled to Ethiopia Knowing that justice will never be done.


It raises the question, who is he going to submit these cosmetic treaty, another words who is he answerable to.  Having known him he has history of denying the brutal attack for innocent civilians.  .  Laqanyo’s difficulty is that he is making a fatal contradiction to what Mr. Abdirisaq minister of fishery had drafted that he knows is absurd.   His emphases are two things number one and I “quote” what he said form the day he echoed to Somali channel.  From today, there will be no one will have a gun form Kabhanley to Beletweyne vice versa, and number two all the families who fled will obviously come back! With no preparation of shelter and more importantly a reasonable of loss of earning.  How can he ignore such atrocities when there is international evidence?

Laqanyo says that he wants to implement the agreement.  If so launching to this arguments without establishing the basic problems.

Not surprisingly, Laqanyo has shown no sign of being aware of these atrocities.  This situation is so disturbing for everyone who is got a moral obligation.  It appears that he is promising more of the same, but the all eyes are monitoring closely, and every action will be well documented.  I will be looking answers for the following questions:


1.  Under the new rules or, -rather, new law, since that one way to enforce the new rules-

Will his troops found guilty, who will investigate and who will be taking to court and more importantly who will be the judge.   I imagine Hassan Sheikh will welcome this rules and offer Laqanyo his full support awkward!