Bearing witness of the down fall of Somaliland-part two.

Bearing witness of the down fall of Somaliland-part two.

Mr. Siilanyo and his crew deviated from the noble and virtuous undertaking.They resorted to politics of deception and division to justify the misappropriation of public funds. They embraced belly-politics……..

“Biayi thanbin Qutilet”
why hundreds of thousands of our men and women died for? Why more than that number maimed? Why hundred year accumulation of wealth vanished? Why our cities leveled?! Why we suffered so much if we let the mindless government initiated activities to dismantle the last institution (house of the Representatives) left go unstopped? It must be stopped.
Somaliland has many enemies and the one from within is the most dangerous and most active. We must not let the over active morons damage the only institution left.

Among sequence of events “shock and awe” is the latest in Mr. Siilanyo’s administration. “Shock & awe” is a phrase reserved for the effects of self-inflicted disaster suffered by entities which does not think right.
At times I feel Somaliland lost its conscience, at other times I feel that probably she is destined to find her self is a hole of her digging when ever she elects or choices one who does not listen, who does not learn and who does not lead. That is where Somaliland stands
I wish he didn’t do it, but he did it! The President defended corruption! He defended the Hargeisa Airport scandal. He defended the General Energy prompt departure from the country. He defended the indefensible with out fully, factually and honestly explained the matter to the nation in a nation wide speech. He did not do that, instead the President attacked who ever raises the questions regarding these scandals and the corruption ridden administration of his! I wish he didn’t do that. I wish he took this as a teachable moment and seek full explanation from his corrupted Ministers in these failures which tarnished the integrity of the nation. He did not do that. He blamed concerned others

“We didn’t do it, even if we did it!” the administrations argument sounds like that! It is morally outrageous to defy and manipulate the facts. It is a moral deficiency that the administration made it a normal daily practice of the out of bound corruption which the government made it a customary daily practice, since they changed the government of the people and for the people to an oligarchy one. What Mr. Siilanyo and clique are doing is so bizarre that instead of confessing and correcting their mistakes and then move on, they insist that they did not do any wrongs even if they did it!
As usual they denied and passed the blame to others, to the moral people, and to the founders of this country who when they can not take it any more what Mr. Siilanyo and clique are doing to the country called for Consultations Redirection and Correction. That consultation is what Mr. Siilanyo rejected vehemently! He may wonder why a family owned enterprise is any body else’s business! The clique spent so much in dollar terms to diminish and demagogue that noble call coming from the people and from the Forum for consultation. Instead of heeding these moral calls they harass the conscionable who are calling for consultation. They use the public resources to distort and demagogue that call They use the police to terrorize the citizens who express outrage of what is happening in the country! This is by all means an entry visa for Alshabaab and affiliates to Somaliland which means the death of the peace and stability not only in Somaliland but the region as a whole.

The latest debacle among many is the governments attempt to overthrow the chairman of the House of Representatives by way of terror and buying the parliamentarians with the public money! The chiefs of the CID and the Police along with five trucks of heavily armed police men entered the House of Representatives with out their consent.
Bear in mind that Somaliland is under attack from Mogadishu and from the eastern front! Puntland region operatives are in Somaliland territory as I am writing this paper.
Siilanyo seems not caring much of these threats as much as he is caring to remove the chair of the house of representatives, a man who was in his pocket until recently
The clique spent so much in dollar terms to dismantle the house of representatives, diminish and demagogue the call coming from the concerned people who are calling him to stop what his people are doing to democracy and the rule of law..
Bearing witness the down fall of Somaliland in the hands of Mr. Siilanyo and clique with out doing any thing to stop this far-fetched and unfortunate situation is unpatriotic as it is immoral.
Mr. Siilanyo and his crew deviated from the noble and virtuous undertaking.
They resorted to politics of deception and division to justify the misappropriation of public funds. They embraced belly-politics. They embraced the mind set of “our-way-or- the high way”. They enforced that attitude by misusing and abusing a sector of the police force with strange insignia (RRU?) to threaten the moral and the conscionable and the concerned sector of the civil society. They resorted to divide the communities as to manipulate to their advantage.
They changed the democratic government of the people and for the people in to an oligarchy government. Those who did this, shame do not worry them Indeed shame a shames their actions! Such actions necessitate an intervention by way of Consultations and Conflict resolution to rescue the country whether they like it or not.
All the governmental institutions like the House of Representations, House of Guurti, the judiciary and even the executive branch ceased to serve the people as well as the noble cause of Somaliland. They are there to serve for their personal profit! ‘Scratch-my back-I will-scratch-yours’ is their way of doing business! At times they disagree each other and when they do that that is not for ‘a national cause but for their opposing interests!

The traditional elders who were the anchor of Somaliland unity and stability were corrupted, multiplied, manipulated until they become “worthless” with no credibility, same as the government which made them like they are. All of the above mentioned institutions are not carrying out their duties and they are disservice to peace and stability.
This is a stain on the conscience of ALL Somalilanders, be they who betrayed us or those of us who sit and watch the dissemination and destruction of what we have built for the last 21 years; not to mention the martyrs who died in hundreds of thousands for creating this 2nd Republic and those who are maimed and handicapped as well as those who paid all they had for this great cause

Intervention means national dialogue and consultation-“Talo Qaran” in which none governmental groups and personalities are the base in this task.
” Intervention is a conscious process by which change is introduced into peoples’ thoughts and behaviors. The overall objective of an intervention is to confront a person in danger to himself and to others in a persuasive manner and allow him to see his self-destructive behavior, which affects him, and the people around him.” It is to confront our government in danger to her self to our CAUSE, to our people to our country and to the region.
Many people believe that President Siilanyo is in a similar situation as far as governing is concerned. We believe that he needs help for the sake of his legacy and for the sake of the nation even though the President is in denial. Many people believe that he is in a delusional state of mind and if he is not so then he is in a journey to do harm his legacy, him self and his country and the people of Somaliland. I hope that is not the case and I don’t believe the president intends to do harm to him self and to his country however, harm is done!

.The merits and virtues of Consultation: “The idea of seeking counsel is a moral virtue and the right thing to do and it is fundamental in democratic governance and it is a moral foundation in Islam which we subscribe to it. Notwithstanding the divine revelation, the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) had superior intelligence that he never needed any advice. Yet, in order to make Muslims realize the importance and the value of counseling so that they may make it a part of their basic programme of life. From another angle, it is a way to increase the power of thinking in people. The prophet of Allah used to call advisory councils for consulting Muslims in common affairs of enforcing divine commands not legislation. He was giving more importance especially to the views of wise person to such an extent that in some matters he even used to give up his own thought and accept that of the advisors. The prophet of Allah’s vision (s.c.w.s.) in furthering the Islamic objects and aims was Consultation. One of the Amirul Momineen (r.c.) once said in one of his sermons: No support is more satisfying than consultation. Mr. President, heed the call coming from the moral and conscionable citizens and act upon it before it is too late
Oh, Allah safe us from our selves.

“Waman Yudililaahu Flan Tajid Lahu Sabiilan” Whom Allah leaves straying neither wilt thou find for him the way (Alnisaa-ch5, V-143) the meaning of this Verse is:
If we choose evil deliberately (for our selves and for our country) and double it down by fraud and deception and lies, we did not deceive Allah, but we deceived our selves.
We deprived our selves of the grace of Allah, and are left straying a way from the right path. In that condition who can guide us and show us the way? Our instincts become dulled. Our fraud makes us unstable in character. When the people find out our fraud, any advantages we may have gained by the fraud are lost and we become truly and utterly distracted in mind and movement. I believe that is what is happening in the Oligarchy Government of Mr. Siilanyo! Oh Allah, save us from our selves
United we Resisted to be obliterated. United we liberated Somaliland. United we built peace and stability and united we prevailed. United we averted civil wars and revenge driven wars. United we kept Somaliland peaceful and stable. How did we attain all these achievements? We did by way of Consultation, Consensus, and Common ground.
The Somaliland people are Resilient. They have the capacity not to only just cope with crisis but they come out thriving despite it, but the administration must change their policies and the “Guulwadayaal running the administration to oblivion. They must fear Allah, they must fear for their people and for them selves too. We must not destroy our country with greed and ignorance. We must talk to each other not at each other.

However peace and prayers
Ibrahim M Mead