Canadian humanitarian, author wins the Amoud Foundation Awdal Achievement


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Press Release- Dallas, February 22, 2014.


Canadian Humanitarian, Author Wins the 2014 Awdal Achievement Awardxx

Amanda Lindhout back in Somalia in 2011- THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Jared Moossy

Amanda Lindhout, Canadian humanitarian, author wins the Amoud Foundation Awdal Achievement

Award for 2014. The award decision was announced at the Amoud Foundation Annual Dinner on

Saturday, February 22, 2014, in Irving, Texas, USA.


Ms. Lindhout was abducted by insurgents in Somalia in 2008 and held captive for 463 days during

which she endured unspeakable ordeal. After her release in November 2009, she wrote a riveting

memoir, A House in the Sky, about her ordeal. One would think that after such an ordeal, she would

not want to have anything to do with Somalia ever again. But you would be wrong. She could not forget

the level of human suffering she had witnessed there, especially by women and children. In 2010, she

founded the Global Enrichment Foundation to provide humanitarian assistance in Somalia, including

university scholarships to needy Somali women. In 2011, she was back in Somalia to advance her

philanthropic mission.


In recognition of her extraordinary courage, the Amoud Foundation board of directors awards her the

2014 Awdal Achievement Award.


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