Senators dhaameelka and dhiidhiyay met what’s out!

Senators dhaameelka and dhiidhiyay met what’s out!

I already have a song mobilization valuable Re’s minority which was not taken baydkan a directive to us and to our definition gobanimadu is;

Nafta gororaheediyo only, enter each touch
Waafule motivated man, an saahidaye
Verdict fell is stupid man, special faashadaye
Home ba’ayna enemy is man, raarta more guraye
Gobannimana is a desperate man, reservations dhaafsadaye.
Nationally corner beaten night, gocasho awake
If we are golayn consultation, or shield
Fallaadhiyo gabooyaha if, act of revenge to touch
As if gadoodiya, Fadal garmaammayso
Depending on the wound if gataatiya, all robbery tuuryayso
Galladdeeda nearby if, unable to reach
While they are gudashadeed, can not help

baydkaas Re song being less Culo life in them go and relax and let us go into the content qoraakeenu about eternal sovereignty when both partners are married before they die and the hero of the independence gocorka dhaameelka these waqtiwalba anywhere and at any stand up and lost caas! also some people take is to become the first representative could not define bylaws voted for it galadaal changed by now turned against them!,

This agency only to motion value attribute to the magic of a good cut at gadmo! to get a good mouthful! Those beydkan poetry timaamayo has Gobannimana is desperate man, reservations dhaafsadaye!,

It has been said that life went shame not see! dhaameelka guranayay these eight years has left only one year what it did not know if the bag is too much xaaraani you present to the rest of today ahaydeene whether to again be elected by khaatumadiina make the best! but they do not quit tirinaynin have crazy people who do not know the person responding to and from volunteering! The Prophet SAW said believer sweet hole twice been bitten by! Here every day instead of yesterday bite and the bite I’ve already dealt with only today and tomorrow and forever ready to chew on! What does umadaan believers not munaafiqoodii has increased? su-aal is asking for what you just said the plant produce fruit buy! If the cactus fig produce ecological eat!,

men met in fourteen xildhinaaka is in place by captors ever was in dispute was the center of the dispute parliament dhamaystaana shelf qayilaada they come together and listen to each other as to the hospital! they are not against you moodaysaan? The enemy is not friends with love and this nation to agree to blood miirtaan! you must click on the area I’m on this side and then back together in the middle, we will come! they are good enough to shake lightly depending who have poor policies!,

Hirsi Liverpool minister said he could not hide his political factors van makes to miss 40 rules and he was carrying! Somaliland ba did not know that the rule of xaaranta goals xirsi they just exploded! if the choice of exactly which swear allegiance to what could be seen that the rule forbidden in xirsi said one of the returned?

Although many of whom one died in this country when God Almighty survivors from the senate is odoyaashaa of Islam and the Somali culture is still attached to the ashamed and down to see what their bellies through! today who covered his face between dhaameel quutayaasha!,

qolyahan far huguriga infidels learned counsel they know how many they eat and not playing deyeyn political divide and rule, which they took as a Mujahid Hassan Jesus said gumaystihii British cadawgiisa he used was not situated in the country there! Mohamed is the one who would not impair the house and sent gaalkaan galeye! the independence of the adopted see no changed and today was the day gumaystuhu! Did ingiriiskii born to us just sat in our offices!,

If they have that is true what he put into the deal? they do not have the magic of raising funds to us to xirsi kicked!,

if into a transparent material to exactly match koodan cuntamaa out if today washed away the shame of the past on hogonaysay xirsi identified 40 rules to surprise and miss here! If that does not belong to the dhaameel dhurtaana awelba not sit in better leave! Let’s give these men the chance to have settled in and they said my gums have not seen a dentist irrespective of ethnic background! men Bukhari such a good bag, I expect I will not.