Undoubtedly he is very likable leader in many ways

The script say, you give honor to whom honor is due that is precisely my target of defining and analyzing of President Silanyo.  Its privilege to see such integrity and honest and overall he is exceptionally competent gifted administrator  by drawing this conclusion, I am excluding the Somaliland’s version of the generation described by Foreign Affair Minister Mr. Hague as the greatest generation in in Horn of Africa when it comes to leadership vision.  Yet they are the best in every index of assessment including their patriotism, their political honesty and integrity and their cherished commitment to promoting the best stability and tranquility of their separate country (Somalia), while at the same time preserving our national unity to the best of his abilities.


  The foundations he have laid in each of their regions have more or less become the launching pad for our nations by creating a stronger central Government that later form the basis of the unitary concept that the Military later foisted on the whole country without saying so in so many words.


Nobody in his right mind would deny Silanyo his credit. As a great leader, decision taker in the best interest.   I remain very proud of his achievements as a leader in that regard and I want to say that loud and clear.  His efforts with many levels was unlimited the public infrastructure such (Erigabo Road) which still unfinished has been spectacular, and it has laid the foundation for the future economic transformation of our country.  The most important step  Silanyo has taken is highly focused war on corruption in across Somaliland

By so doing President Silanyo has begun to make a serious dent on that problem by drawing attention to the cancer (Corruption) I give him high marks for his dedication and sense of purpose. Even though some of his methods have been crude to say the least, he has done nobly by identifying individuals……….I think it is fair for well-meaning Somalilanders to now begin to draw attention to some of the fine legacies he would be leaving behind.

 We must all admit that different societies have different rules and norms.   It is therefore naive or even silly to equate our own caliber of democracy with those of the more civilized world like the United Kingdom.