Lack of our Somaliland community involvement causes 50% of Water projects to fail


One of our  major problems in Somaliland  is water sources ,while our population is just under  4.5 million which can be  easily manageble in terms of water supply across the regions ,previous governments has  never raise or mention this huge issue, while this current Kulmiye government done their best for asking  the European union some funding to support this water  project and  expected to finish in  2015  .

,however with the help of European Union,World Bank, or any other donors will not be able to finish or implement  this kind of projects without  50% of local community involvement ,in fact we need strong investment to gain a clear water .

All water systems need regular maintenance and at some point, repair. equips community members with the skills and strategies to handle system maintenance and repair. If communities encounter a problem they are unable to solve on their own, our local partner organization provides assistance. The regular maintenance fees collected by the communities’ water committees pay for these costs. Helping communities to address such needs is integral to providing lasting solutions.Good hygiene practices and access to sanitation facilities are critical to achieving sustainable improvements in community health. Clean water may be available in a household, but if hand-washing and other practices are not routinely followed, the promised health benefits will not materialize. Similarly, access to a latrine does not ensure that the latrine will be used or properly maintained.

Without a good understanding of the link between hygiene and disease, the health benefits of safe water and sanitation can be easily lost. holds intensive training and motivation seminars throughout the project on the link between good health and good hygiene. These seminars link common illnesses (such as diarrhea) with proper hygiene (such as hand-washing before eating or preparing food). Linking sanitation with common health concerns increases C:\Users\windows7\Downloads\20140302_003048.jpg

community commitment .