What can be done about future rising food prices in Somaliland?

What can be done about future rising food prices in Somaliland?

Rising continental food prices have implicated for the whole world. Especially for under-developing countries where incomes are low and demand for food is high. Raising food costs in global common issues, but the consequences affect more in our regions such as East Africa, Central Africa, South-East Asia and many more parts of the world. According to international statistics (Consumer Price Index), the prices have rose up to 0.4 %. Due to this it is still increasing. However, the politicians need to put the consumers at the heart of the economic policies to tackles the rising costs of living and the growth and prosperity of our country to protect against poverty and famine. To keep control of market food suppliers following steps is necessary to consider our raising costs of basic food.

  • Food businesses and central governments need to start planning now for the future by taking action to tackle the issue of food affordability including introductory of measurements such as living wages to avoid poverty and famine

  • We need to encourage our agriculture of farming industry and other food resources to produce more food. Our farmers can be reliable only if the government boosts and support them.

  • To get better at producing homeland food in efficient ways  we need to build sustainable food chain organisations to linkup our farmers ,retailers  and consumers

  • To have a national research centre for environmental, food, rural affairs ,food supply associations networks, integrity and review

In conclusion, relying on overseas export in terms of food cost rise can result in the country, food crisis, unstable economy, poverty, famine. To avoid all of these mentioned points, our national plan strategy should take consideration to take necessary steps

M.Guray Dayr Ahmed Salaan/Student in : Business and Economy /Marketing