Be responsible person By:Hibaaq Mohamed Ayah

image Be responsible person Being responsible is one of the prime requisites for any person who wants to survive independently in this world. Responsibility is the duty to deal with somebody or something so that you may be blamed if something goes wrong. However, the sense of responsibility comes at different times for different people.

Some mature early and shoulder responsibilities at a very young age; while others do not realize it till the time they are forced into such a situation.Being responsible for one’s deed is essential to prove one’s worth in the today’s world of cut-throat competition. It is necessary for an individual to stand up to his commitments. This helps in creating trust and respect for him, from the people surrounding him.One of the first steps towards being responsible is practicing discipline. Do not overindulge in luxuries and pleasures. Remember that “time and tide waits for none”. So, start being responsible from this moment and begin to work to the best of your abilities.Understand the fact that responsibility has to be earned; it is not something that you are entitled to.

The most probable reason that you are not given some new and challenging responsibilities may be because you do not prove yourself worth in the present ones. So stop complaining that the present responsibilities are boring or have nothing challenging in them. A responsible person proves his worth in any type of work.

Always have an optimistic approach to life. Do not visualize yourself as a helpless victim, who cannot do anything to change the circumstances. Instead, stand up and fight to improve your situation. You can do it, if you really want it to be done. Making choices or taking decisions and living with them, is termed as taking responsibility of your own actions. Learn to acknowledge your mistakes, rather than justifying yourself in every situation. This will not only make you appear more responsible, but will also gain you respect from others. We need to teach ourselves to be responsible. And this isn’t always an easy thing to learn on your own. If you say you’ll do things and you don’t, people will see you as someone who isn’t trustworthy. So, don’t say yes unless you are absolutely sure you can do whatever it is being asked of you. Learn to say no when you won’t be able to. This is hard for a lot of people but learning to say no is a very big part of being a responsible person.It really isn’t an impossible task and with time you can train yourself to become responsible in all aspects of your life.

By:Hibaaq Mohamed Ayah