Somaliland: In Defense of President Ahmed Mohamoud Silanyo –






by Abdirahman Ibrahim Abdilahi
Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Somaliland country have hitherto been appreciated with the late President Egal as a statesman who built this nation by overcoming many barriers in which without him would have been possible. Among the works carried out by him was elimination of powers from military clique at a time, pulling the people from different regions and tribes together, sharing the power between the tribes within the country, nationalizing all militia regardless of their tribes or whatever.

The expectations of the people from president Rayale were included persuading many leaders in the world to recognize Somaliland, recommending the reforms within the constitution and making it serve fully to the nation and putting down a new power sharing formula acceptable to all people in the country in which this country desperately needs as well as redefining Gurti delivering far more professionally than it is today. Even though he had long enough to do something and he had not realized any of the above mentioned under his regime.
In contrast, president Mr. Ahmed Mohamoud Silanyo has achieved the following during his tenure in office :
• Improved the country’s infrastructures such as roads
• Facilitating the de-centralization of the state and empowering local communities,
• Increasing government revenue and streamlining the tax system,
• Presenting, for the first time in our history, a balanced national budget that currently stands at
• Institutionalizing public finance reform – with our first report due for publication at the end of this month,
• Further expanding and professionalizing the armed forces and police,
• Improving relationships with international aid agencies, and
• investing in education, which has allowed us to build dozens of new schools, hire thousands of new teachers, and make primary schooling free for all students.
• Somaliland continues to secure its borders to advance peace and stability in the region.
However, there is a lot to be realized for example elimination of individuals who have been enjoying powers through tribal lines. Creating new institutions either public or private for food production, Strengthening democratic institutions by making necessary reforms and the required changes in the economy, law enforcement, constitution, reshaping the house of elders and maintaining the current democratic institutions and their improvements.
Moreover, the President Mr. Ahmed Mohamoud Silanyo should privatize any government institution including to that of water supply, power grids, sea ports and airports to the private sector. The government should also create more jobs and keep democracy moving for this purpose we need to concentrate on the services and facilities necessary for an economy to function such as roads, water supply , power grids , telecommunications and social services such schools and hospitals.
It is the time for the president to make suitable change at the top that is more stable than current one unlike before who is capable to work with the president in all aspects of the politics and governance in order for the president to reach a tangible development by that I mean enables the president to pursue his political objectives including to that of turning the economy of this country around. Mr. Ahmed Mohamoud Silanyo has the support of the larger sections of the people in Somaliland regions and he should utilize their backing to improve both the country’s economic and security situations.
To this end, the political parties they should present new faces with clear political agenda and mission but not failed politicians who project themselves as the men of the masses without clear political agenda and mission and I say for the politicians there are concerns regarding everything in the form of criticism both print and electronic media but there must be tolerance and acceptance of the critics to make sure that mistakes are corrected and the demands of the people are addressed adequately so that people feel that their concerns are felt and that rules of truth and evidence determine direction of the party and the government. Thus, the leadership should develop a sense of responsibility, and take responsibility for their actions in accordance on what is agreed upon otherwise the people may take bold reactions to their actions and they should keep in mind that one day the people of Somaliland or elsewhere will copy their style of leadership by setting an example politics for others.
Abdirahman Ibrahim Abdilahi