Mum finds eggs from the ‘world’s deadliest spider’ in Tesco bananas

Abby Woodgate, 30, found something in her bananas that wasn’t quite right (Picture: Cascade)
Eggs from the ‘world’s deadliest spider’ are the last thing you’d expect to find in your Tesco bananas.

But that’s what Abby Woodgate, 30, discovered when she went to grab a bunch of the fruits at her home in Colchester.

‘I couldn’t believe it when the little cocoon opened,’ the mum-of-one said after spotting the Brazilian wandering spider eggs.

‘I thought it was just some mould and I was trying to get it off so I could use the rest of the bunch.’
The eggs were reportedly from the Brazilian wandering spider (Picture: Cascade)
Once Mrs Woodgate realised what the ‘mould’ was she threw the bananas away.

After contacting Tesco’s Highwoods store, which had delivered the fruits to her house, pest control experts were sent out.

They decided to incinerate her vacuum cleaner and bin because she had used them to dispose of the eggs.

Spider experts have since told her it was unlikely the tropical eggs would have hatched because it was not warm enough in the UK and there were no adult spiders with them.

Tesco has offered to replace her bin and vacuum cleaner.

source themirror