Names of United kingdom ambassadors in Somalia from 1960-2014


In the event anyone interested to know which country is the biggest donor in the world, UK is top donor to poverty fund Nation as this country gave £2.8bn to help poor countries – more than US, Japan or Germany. World Bank fund raised £32billion – and UK gave almost 10 per cent, which is equivalent to 0.7 per cent of GDP on aid. Please read below the names of British ambassadors in Somalia from 1960 and until at present.      


Ambassador period of services Name of Ambassador
1960–1961 Thomas Bromley
1961–1963 Lancelot Pyman
      1963–1968 Diplomatic relations broken over the NFD conflict.


1968–1970 Stephen Whitwell
1970–1973 James Bourn
1973–1976 John Shaw
1977–1980  Henery Brind
1980–1983 Michael Purcell
1983–1987 William Fullerton
1987–1989 Jeremy Varcoe
1989–1990 Ian Mcc Cluney
1991–2012 British Embassy in Mogadishu evacuated 6 January 1991 after collapse of Siad Barre

of  administration and start of the civil war

relations maintained through the UK diplomatic office in Nairobi

2012–2013 Matt Baugh
2014 Nell Wigan


 UK also offered up an additional 500£ million in low-interest loans to the International Development Association, which raises money from richer countries, with 46 donating, to the world’s 82 poorest nations for health, education and economic projects.The information is crucial sometimes since UK is one of the countries that involve for the Somali issues at present.  This information was taken from world donors meeting held in Moscow in December 2013.      



Ismail Yusuf.