somali women abused in au camps suffer in SILENCE

Somalia had perfectly conformed to a sinister road map drawn by some exogenous powers using her frontline neighbors with other African countries as their mere Trojan-horse to accomplish their consciously architected plots against the Somali people and they really succeeded it. The thousands of AMISOM troops deployed to Somalia under the name of “UN backed African Union peace-keeping mission” have like Black-water agendas to execute, arrest, intimidate, rape and steal as much wealth as they can. Their hidden agenda is to disintegrate further the Somali people state and social wise, turn against each other among themselves, compartmentalize and later on balkanize the entire country into small puppet territories, so that dictate to every small part in the way fits in their both common and individual interests . Their mission is apparently too dire savagery in disguise and far beyond humanitarian mission.

The endless whole sale and retail topsy-turvydom in Somalia have caused the people suffer from horrible crimes committed by their collective savages viz. government soldiers, African troops and Terrorist out fits. The Human Rights Watch (HRW) report released in Nairobi recently on how the so-called African Peace Keeping Mission abuses with impunity the very venerable women who enter their military-facilities for seeking medical help or fetch drinking water __ hurts a lot not only every compatriot, but the very essence of human consciousness. Crimes being committed by such armed strangers within the existence of all weak yet corruption ridden institutions that forms the Somali government headed by President Hassan Sheikh. If African Union enjoys the power loop wholes of its host nation and feel it like a congenial atmosphere to work in; history would never exonerate them and the lost accountability would one day be materialized in the face of justice. Furthermore, it would be a shameful amulet that would keep hanging from the neck of President Hassan Sheikh and his government officials; it would as well remain a social disgrace amongst the entire nation whose actions bread the seeds that germinate the endless vicious-cycle in the country.

The African Mission’s carnivorous troop actions manifest the vacuum of neither strong military code of conduct from within nor external regulations imposed by the Somali government. The chain of invasions orchestrated by exorbitant powers of similar types on Somalia since the genesis of her implosion in 1991__ had been committing almost the same fashion of abuses amongst the Somali people. All the different crimes so committed differently by Somali different invaders since then, remain not apprehended and the incurable deep wounds so reached the Somali impoverished people still bleeds from inside. This is because, apart from feared social stigma reprisals; the Somali strong yet conservative culture have instigated into the hearts of thousands of raped women to omit their ordeals; forced them accept to live with the physical and psychological scars reached by the heinous abuses against them. Thousands of tortured innocent civilians accepted to live with their pain without fear; yet thousands of war disabled, orphans and widows had accepted the reality to live with such conditions never pleases a living soul to bear.

The HRW group have mentioned in their report that very young girls below the age of 15 are among the victims of this inhuman crimes. Some of the victims are said to have even contracted with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) from their abusers. The heart agonizing feeling is on how these internally displaced people (IDP) especially women had become a defenseless prey for such foreign cannibals within their very unfortunate homelands. Burundian and Ugandan solders are said to have been the culprits of all the abuses so far recorded, however, the military basis of the other forces on the similar mission__ viz. Kenyan, Djiboutian and Sierra Leon was difficult to be penetrated, but believed to have had the same abuses done in their premises as well (the report adds). All these systematic crimes against the priceless Somali women were neither a Stockholm syndrome nor a choice less sale of their bodies per se, but a deliberate force to degrade further the already depleted pride of the Somali people at large and in particular our women.

The other nerve-racking issue is that, all the ugly-missions’ soldiers enjoy with the blessings of the exclusive jurisdictions by their root-countries and no strictly monitored external disciplinary guidelines were ever placed in the best interest of the protection of any potential wrong doings against the Somali people.


Where things have gone wrong?

It is certain phenomena that once foreign troops are dispatched to a foreign country with either politically motivated or humanitarian mission, they virtually commit to crimes against humanity. Just glance back at what NATO, UN and US missions have done with the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, and many other countries out of their jurisdictions. Most crimes committed by combined forces of NATO and US are by drone bombardments on the civilian cities targeting individuals whom they have concerns in their so-called war on terror. To see troops with a clean sheet would be very unlikely if not impossible because it is perhaps a psycho driven action and counter reaction in the absence of noble self-restraint. UN, NATO and US led troops, however, have their own combat-code-of-conducts in place with respect of their soldiers’ extra judicial crimes. It’s hard to be digested fact, that the AMISOM mission in Somalia lacks any common curbs on their loathsome behavior with their absolutely unprotected people.

A thoroughly investigation of these crimes is wisely acceptable to be undertaken as being hinted by the AU officers, but again those who are responsible to check and monitor the genuine process are the officers of the same mission. This is like a thief entrusted to judge a theft-case in which he was involved. Would he judge justly? The answer is NO.


Government merry-go-round

Power hunger, bureaucratism, tribalism, opportunism and corruption etc. are the only commodities that are widely traded well within the government in Mogadishu. The bureaucratic MPs who represent the needy people are made like voting machines in the influence of whoever bid to tap the power steering to drive the nation. Notwithstanding, cabinet ministers are transformed to external stooges implementing commands given by the above said extraneous powers. Imagine why every new prime minister appointed and the incumbent president often have immediate loggerheads that would prompt untimely legislative meetings to redress the portfolio they have already ratified. Why such misunderstanding often arises between two intimate friends who came forward together to serve their ruined nation? Why? Why?

On the other hand, stray government soldiers feel no sympathy for their exposed people either, owing to the fact that many of them are challenging with undiagnosed trauma inflicted by the long-standing hostilities of every scale. Many more of them are trained by the abusers in their countries and programmed with the same versions of abominate ideologies; where as many others have slipped into the whim of the extremism by giving them an audacious help to act against the nation and the government.

Politicians often believe in that the ends would justify the means; all campaign rhetoric often fades away soon as they fit their self into the seats. But their words would never deplete from the hearts of the cheated nation. Surely, all the abuses against our brethren are happening in the absence of strong and just governance. Still Somalis are people in search for the right leaders and a country in search for the right people”.

May ALLAAH SWT guide the Somali people to the righteous bath and the wisdom to know the stake they have in their future.


By: Khadar Hanan


Doha, Qatar.