Somaliland​:Bill Gates Lauds TELESOM innovative Digital Currency Services (ZAAD)

One of the richest man in the world Billionaire Mr. Bill Gates, the former chief executive chairman of Microsoft, the world’s largest personal-computer software company speaking this week at the Sibos closing plenary in Boston on October 3, 2014, lauded TELESOM one of the leading telecommunication Company for its innovative methods for introducing its mobile money banking and transfer service, Zaad Service during his speech.

In his speech, Bill Gates said, “Through innovation TELESOM has managed to introduce digital currency transfers and now Somaliland has one of the fastest growing Mobile money services where Company facilitated Somaliland people to send money through mobile phones.

The Microsoft Billionaire Mr. Bill Gates in his speech at Sibos , Boston said , “I amazed to see in places such as Somaliland people hardly cash out at all , this is due to people there fill their digital accounts once a month so actually there is more going with the digital currency than the paper currency although the country economy is considered a small economy its booming this is also the case in Kenya whereby 31% of the population relay on Mpesa.