Why Amb Adan Awale Should Be Replaced?

May I take this opportunity to welcome Somaliland government  frequent official trip to London trying to bring much need trade and investment to Somaliland. Whilst this is a very good initiative, 
My fellow  Somaliland citizens,   pressure has been mounting  in the past  three and half years against Mr Ali  Adam Awale  to resign.  As  the Somaliland representative from   senior  Community  members here in the UK,  due to poor leadership and lack of experience and 
 An Embassy insider, have  told me that  Amb Ali Adam Awale  is unable to work  well with  his colleagues at the embassy let alone’ uniting  and representing the government of Somaliland.
Thus  all eyes are on president Ahmed Siilanyo is forthcoming and long waited government reshuffle  especially in the department of Foreign Affair & International Co-operation. 
Why is it Somaliland foreign policy and diplomacy has become too blurred and in coherent recently, What has gone wrong ???

We the Somaliland diaspora need to take more pro-active role to help our government led by president Ahmed Siilanyo, to review and reassess Sland  foreign policy by setting up a task force focus_ groups that consist of experienced and qualified ex diplomats. 
In order to re-energize  Somaliland’s case for International recognition it’s vitally imortant that  president  Ahmed Siilanyo  should  take a swift  action to replace Mr Adan Awale  the current Ambaaasador in London

The appointment of Mr Adan Awale as the Somaliland representative in London has damaged the diplomatic credibility of Somaliland.  He is definitely the wrong person for the post,reason being he is a weak spokesperson, has no diplomatic background and finally he polarised the Somaliland communities public opinion.
We need a functioning Somaliland Embassy in London to unite the people and raise Somaliland profile status. Someone with relevant skills, experience in the diplomatic arena. If we are genuinely   serious about getting International recognition.

 I  firmly believe that  Somaliland diaspora should unite, and rally behind our  president Ahmed Siilanyo in order to show the rest of the world that we mean business,  and demand a full diplomatic recognition from the international. In order to do that Mr  Siilanyo should remove Mr Adan Awale Ali and replace him with Kaysar Mohamed.  Who is very  talented, and well liked, and respected, among Somaliland UK diaspora.
 The achievement and  success of the  Somaliland government is the success of our people and  nation regardless of their political  affiliation.  At the end of the day, we all want what is the best interest for our country in terms of trade  and foreign investment.
President  Ahmed Siilanyo and his high profile delegation needs to hear loud, and clear that  Somaliland Embassy is  not open for business. In fact it’s virtually closed,  because of  Mr Adam Ali Awale does not have the credential  to be a good  and effective diplomat.
 We hope that the president  and his close Aid and delegation must take on board the views and concerns of Somaliland diasporas not just few so-called loyal supporters, and cronies. 
 Mr’  Ali A. I. Dheeg__UK