Somaliland Watch Group Press Release: SWG is calling Mr.Siilanyo, the President of Somaliland that the occupation of the House of Representatives and the illegitimate coup against the speaker of the house must stop.


Somaliland watch Group

Press Release- 6-

Ottawa, Canada

Date: April 24, 2014

This recent provocative move of occupying the people’s house is a way to destabilize the peace in Somaliland which was the pea can and the pride of Somaliland

When one does not think the consequences of his actions he can do all kinds of foolhardy things. That is what is happening in Somaliland these days

SWG is warily following the misguided activity which is none other than virtually overthrowing the speaker of the House of Representatives by force.

The arbitrary occupation of the house of the representatives by Siilanyo’s government is not only unlawful and disgraceful; it is an attack of the democratic process of Somaliland as it is an attack against peace and stability in Somaliland.

SWG also deplores the unwise reactions disposed to suppress and in certain cases eliminate the free press by the administration of Mr. Siilanyo in Somaliland. We know that the actions of the operatives of Mr. Siilanyo’s administration and probably with his blessing has already divided the people and the country, these divisions are growing day after day and this by all means will de-stabilize the state and by extension the neighbouring countries and the region at large.

Great leaders learn more from their opponents then from their avid (Guulwadayaal)

Yes crowd. The President better consider other ways and means, by doing so will put him in a win- win situation for him and for the country. By the way, doing that is not weakness, it is strength. When a leader is wise he doesn’t simply disregard the opponents’ point of view, he embraces them even when he perceives that it may hurt his ego. In fact he ought to pray never to be left with out opponents for they keep him on track, on the right path, on the path of reason and rationale.

Back ground:

Somaliland was in transition to a more democratic political system ever since it was re-established as an independent Republic in 1991. It was in transition from an authoritarian political system of Siad Barre of Mogadishu to a democratic political system.

Democratization of Somaliland faced frequent reversals influenced by various factors, including bad leadership, socio- economic factors, history, culture, clan based problems and small minded hedge-men employed by the administrations.

It is obvious that the ‘oligarchies’ are increasingly gotten hold of unchallenged power in which they have both the blessings of the President as well as the chairman of the Guurti. Together they are dangerous to the peace and stability of Somaliland

The oligarchies seized the moment and accelerated dismantling the democratic gains achieved after the establishment of Somaliland Republic.

The strategy of the systematic ‘de-democratization’ of Somaliland and the damage inflicted on the process of democracy as a result of their unwise moves have begun to be visible.


SWG is calling Mr.Siilanyo, the President of Somaliland that the occupation of the House of Representatives and the illegitimate coup against the speaker of the house must stop. The President must call back his special terror special police unit. Such activities undertaken by his government are counter productive and destructive thus ought to be stopped

SWG is calling President Siilanyo to come to his sense and own his deficiencies and his departure of the constitution and the rule of law.
Siilanyo has to stop the evil acts oligarchies of his administration are doing.
The government must pull back their special terror police unit from the house of the people and they have to respect the will of the people and the sanctity of the constitution and the rule of law.
We hope Mr. President that you take these incidents as serious as they are.

Reverse such short sighted, vindictive and destructive policies and practices.
Respect the constitution and the rule of law.
Respect the fundamental rights of free speech.
SWG is condemning any Despotic acts against the constitution and the rights of the people and the press of Somaliland.

Somaliland watch

Executive Director

Ibrahim M Mead

Ottawa, Canada