Taken into consideration the speed of reconstruction, construction, the business boom, the diaspora returnees at home, Somali capital, Mogadishu will turn to be one of the most beauties cities in Africa in two three years time


Somalia capital Mogadishu which was earlier known as the most dangerous city in Africa and its building destroyed by almost 80 % according to reliable trusted analysis is recovering  almost after 20 years long of civil conflicts and ideological wars, power struggle between various war lords at present busy rebuilding and economic revival. One can imagine how much business involved for recons reconstructing a big city like Mogadishu. The rough estimate for the business involved for rebuilding the city could cross over not less than half billion US dollars. This evaluated the business of real estate beyond any figure one had in imagination. Plots of land were estimated US $ 10,000 at present cross over ten times than the earlier value. This new situation has influenced tens of thousands of Somali expatriates to return home looking for business opportunities. So many people from the Diaspora coming back demand for properties and accommodation far exceeds supply, tripling rental prices in the prime areas of the city. “Retail estate is booming in Mogadishu. .


Mogadishu is becoming like London, Dubai and some other world capitals with regard incredible prices when it comes to property.Somalia, a period of relative peace has brought the economy to life, with the capital experiencing a construction boom. Mogadishu’s once bustling central business district, which was left in ruins for years, is once again on the rise. The economic revival is already attracting Somali professionals, who have returned after years working and living abroad. Mogadishu port is fully busy round the hour for the arrival new ships to loading thousands of tons of shipments all over the world. The air port is busy round the hour. Mogadishu is the not the one we know five years ago.    This business boom is reported by the most international media such as Reuters, Agence France-Presse (AFP), Associated press (AP), Aljazeera, BBC, CNN , Xinhua, Alarabiya  plus tens of other media organization. Alshabab that have affiliation with Al-Qaida is only holding not more than 10 % of their power base.


 African Union peacekeeping forces AMISOM and Somalia national army defeated Al-Shabaab in the frontlines in Mogadishu and pushed the group from the city. The return of the city to the control of the Somalia government and its backers from the African Union demanded privates business and increased the demand of luxury cars, electricity and internet, but the fuel business increase is the most feasible in the city, which has its positive and security concerns as well. This vast progress for the both sector of development and peace is generated that Somali capital to become one the busiest air routes in Africa, as over 20 flights lands in Mogadishu. This is influenced hundreds of Somali businessman in Kenya to switch their business in the Somali capital. New peace and business boom has persuaded Mogadishu to be named as one of the vast growing cities in Africa.  The streets of Mogadishu which was destroyed earlier civil war at present back to its original shape as a result of friendly assistances from friendly country turkey and all types of cars included the most luxurious cars. As business boom, lot of fuel stations are under constructing as sequences of increasing of imported cars and trucks from everywhere. There are some few fuel stations established, but not enough yet. 


The fear that luxury cars are forcibly taken away by armed gangs are not any more exist. a Somali who just returned from the Somali capital said  “I was driving in Mogadishu for the last 12 years, this time I am experiencing the increase of the luxury cars in the city and the thousands of women selling fuel in the streets.”The fuel business is now part of the economic recovery, because it is time people think of luxury cars. We are forgetting the death and conflict; we are discussing development, “As long as luxury cars increase the fuel demand increases, but it needs policy and regulations by the city council. Otherwise they not only pose dangers, but might also destroy the beauty of the city,” In the past year, fuel-resulted fire has destroyed hundreds of businesses in Mogadishu, among them restaurants, auto stores, spare part shops and food stores, but the demands still increase with limited safety measures. Somalia’s first-ever cash withdrawal machine has been installed in the capital, Mogadishu. The machine, installed by Salaam Somali Bank in an upmarket hotel, allows customers to withdraw US dollars. Somalia has a rudimentary banking sector, with many people relying on remittances from abroad. Its development has been thwarted by more than two decades of conflict involving clan and religious-based militia groups. Somali’s currency, the shilling, is almost worthless and many businessmen and foreigners deal in dollars. Taken into consideration, the speed of progress and the business opportunities, Somali capital is expected to be much more beautiful than many African and Asian cities.


Ismail Yusuf