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An open letter to international community to stop ethnic cleansing by the Ethiopian Army In Tigrai and Ethiopian other regions

An open letter to International Community to prevent Ethiopian Army  with Eritrean alliance Invading Tigray and  Oromo Regions militarily committing genocide ethnic cleansing similar to that  siege of srebrenica massacre  of Former Yugoslavia, Somaliland people’s party is calling immediate ceasefire and negotiated settlement.
Secretary General of the United Nations, His Excellency António Guterres
The Council of the European Union
President of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji
Chair of the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Berit Reiss-Andersen
In the light of the harrowing situations that are solidifying in place within Ethiopia, I  am Sultan Saciid . H . Diiriye  Chairman of Somaliland People’s Party, would like to address this letter to the above mentioned recipients as a humble request to grant us, the people of Somali region within Ethiopian boundaries, self-determination from Ethiopia.
The rampant war crimes occurring currently in Ethiopia is a sharply rising concern for Ethiopia and its regions. After accusing the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) of attacking a government defense post and stealing artillery and military equipment, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Mr. Abhiy Ahmed has set in motion a violent confrontation between the Federal government and the regional party of Tigray. While Tigray has openly resisted the centralization push from Mr. Ahmed, other regions within Ethiopia have also expressed their uneasiness. The entire requirement and choice of a Federal government has been to secure the standing of multiple diversities that exist under the umbrella of Ethiopia. This push towards centralization demolishes the freedom for diversity and strips away autonomy from each regionally diverse group residing in Ethiopia.
The Prime Minister, a Nobel Peace prize winner, has displaced thousands and killed hundreds in his attempt to protect and prioritize his own political advances. This choice has been made, discarding the well-being and safety of innocent, destitute people living in Ethiopia. The acts consisting of mass deaths, breeding ethnocentrism and demolishing public infrastructure for selfish and political gains, discard the very foundation of how a leader must lead and evocate for a country that he has pledged his allegiance to.
Having outlined just some of the many problems that is at the verge of tearing an entire country apart, I implore that reason be sought, and that right be done by the people of the Somali region. Below, I am listing some points that I believe must be reviewed and put into action to end the bloodshed that has begun:
• Immediate ceasefire of military operations should be carried out.
• Impartial and independent investigations into war crimes should be conducted.
• All political prisoners must be released.
• The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the Ethiopian Prime Minister must be revoked.
• The Ethiopian Prime Minister must resign effective immediately on the basis of undertaking heinous activities perpetrating ethnic cleansing and other war crimes.
• Authorize journalists to freely report on the conflict and the situation in affected regions.
• Free and fair elections must be conducted under the independent bodies from all Ethiopian nations and nationalities.
• Emergency committee and international support should be established in assuring a tangible transition to peace within the country.
Having taken into account the downtrodden condition of Ethiopia, I stress on the request for an immediate grant of sovereignty to the Somali region currently located within Ethiopia. I request a lasting settlement of independence and freedom from Ethiopia, and demand complete sovereignty away from Ethiopia through its peaceful disintegration. On behalf of the Somaliland People’s Party, I would also like to state that we strongly support the Tigray, Oromo, and all other nation nationalities that are part of Ethiopia, currently facing ethnic cleansing and genocide by the Federal army.
I hope that the above stated requests are taken into prime consideration before an entire group of people in a region is obliterated. The current situation is not only political, but also deeply personal for every living human in the Somali region, who barely make through each day in fear for their future. Please help stop these war crimes. Please help secure the lives of our people.
I remain,

Saciid Diriiye

Chairman of Somaliland People’s Party